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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
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Advanced Call Features

Automated Call Distribution

Route calls to the right agent based on skills, IVR, customer and business hours.Configure your IVR and Routing based on agent skills and business needs.

Call Queues

Advanced call queues with messages and voicemail to enhance customer interaction. Lets your customer to request call backs while they are in queue.

Call Control

Fondesk features enterprise level call features like transfer, hold , mute and conference. Seamlessly transfer call between agents or to external numbers.

Call Recording

Record all incoming and outgoing calls. Listen to all past recordings. Review recordings to ensure standards are met and understand the needs of customer.

Caller ID

Automated Called ID Feature save time by selecting right caller ID based on the customer information and choose from your list of numbers.

Conference Calls

Seamlessly transfer calls between agents or to external numbers. Add agents or external numbers in to a live call and improve the support you provide.

Advanced Business Features

International Numbers

Get your international numbers from Fondesk and make your Global Market Entry. We offer local and toll free numbers from more than 50 countries around the world. Talk to us if you need a number from a specific country.

Business Hours

Set your custom business hours and route calls to the right person or forward to another number to meet the customer needs. Set your out of hour business configurations to enhance customer interactions.


Set custom messages, options to choose and greetings to ensure every customer interaction is personal and professional. Use your own MP3 files or text to speech feature to improve interactions.

Agent to Agent call

Agent to agent calling improves team work within your organisation. Team works improves customer satisfaction and helps problem solving.

Video Conference

One-to-one or multi-party real-time video conferencing with screen sharing and other tools. Record live audio and video sessions for playback or archiving.


From Fondesk number, SMS messages are delivered globally. Unique software intelligence makes it easy to handle different types of content.

Reporting and Monitoring

  • Live Call Monitoring

    Monitor all live calls in real time. Silently join to any calls without agents and customers knowing. The live monitoring features allows you to monitor agent performance and improve the quality of service. It helps you to ensure that business standards are being met.

  • Live Anlaytics

    Fondesk offers real time information based on calls,queues, agents and numbers. Agents and supervisors get real time analytics of what is happening in your call centre. Live monitoring features helps you make important decisions based on real-time information.

  • Custom Reports

    Fondesk lets you get custom reports based on agents, number and departments. Custom reporting helps you to analyse detailed reports on phone numbers, agents and departments. Make business decisions based on the custom and historical reporting data.

  • Call Barging

    Join any live calls and speak to agents or customer to improve the customer satisfaction. This feature let your managers or supervisors to ensure the quality of your service and improve the standards.


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